Mr. Mark A Prusaitis

Nuisance Wildlife Control Officer

Hi, my name is Mark. I have worked with animals since 1998. I have trained animals such as camels, horses and ponies. I also had the privilege of working with elephants, exotic birds and wallabies during my seven years of working at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Afterwards, I had carpentry training and also worked as a fence installer. I got back into the animal field when I accepted a position at PACCA (Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association). There, I worked hands-on with domesticated and feral animals, as well as wildlife. I became an animal control officer, chasing, trapping and rescuing animals.

On numerous occasions, I assisted Philadelphia's emergency services in all types of wild situations. My passion has always been helping people and animals, so my wife and I started Mark's Wildlife Control to provide outstanding wildlife control for Philadelphia and its surrounding counties. My goal is to provide fast and effective wildlife exclusions with reasonable rates. I look forward to solving your wildlife problems.